Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just started building some OOAK Snowmen! I love how they are turning out! I have SO many ideas for them! This fella is called "By Lantern Light". He's already in his new home!
I already have another one in mind that's kind of similar in theme. I think what I like about this one is the warm feeling it gives me.... I envision a dark, cold snowy night in the country, a father had bundled up against the cold and gone out to chop down a Christmas tree to bring home for the family to decorate. It got dark quickly and started to snow again and the father, with his chosen tree in hand, had to use his old trusty lantern that his father gave to him when he was a little boy to help light and guide his way home. <3


  1. He's just adorable, Wendy! And congrats to you on your new blog!

  2. Good luck on your blog! Your work is outstanding!

    1. Hi, Wendy Congratulations on your new blog here, looking good. I hope you will enjoy your blog as much as I have and do mine, thou I haven't posted in a while, have had some family things going on and hope to be back soon. Hope you will come over and visit with me as I get things up and going again. Would love to have you as blogging friend.
      Beth's Raggedy Attic Prims.Blogspot.com. God Bless

    2. Hi Yvonne! Thanks for stopping by!! As you can see, I'm still just getting started! I stopped by your Blog too, so we can follow one another now and be blogging friends! God Bless!