Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ok, I've been thinking.... and I seriously think I must be a Christmas Elf! wink emoticon
*I believe in Santa 
*I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas time
*My nickname (since childhood) is Twinkle Toes.. because I'm always dancing around and singing
*I love winter and snow
*I listen to Christmas music all year long, whenever I feel like it
*I love cookies ( I really love cookies)
*I make really good cocoa
*I smile and laugh a lot
*I like to spread cheer and give freely to see others smile
*I love to wrap presents and make pretty bows
*I love to decorate and love Christmas lights
*Right now I have jingle bells hanging from my furry boots
*I often have flecks of silver sparkles on my cheeks ( ok, it's just glitter from crafting, but still... lol)
*My home looks like a workshop with all the craft supplies I own ( just ask hubby)
*I get to make dolls ALL YEAR LONG... just like Santa's Elves do.. (And how awesome is that!)

*oh.. and Santas Reindeer like to visit our home often!

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